Life is beautiful
And I am beautiful
I am grateful for the path
I've walked so far
I'm grateful for this moment

If I experience any difficulties
or have tough time today
I'll be strong and I'll handle things
with positive attitude
I will be fine
I won't allow the less aware
part of myself to bring me down
Instead I will rise it up
I am making the conscious decision
to be happy
To elevate my spirit
and be kind to myself
To go deeper into myself
and listen well
To seek better understanding
and strive to unfold and experience
the truth in everything
To be aware of sickness and evil
but let them not poison my soul
I won't allow to be misguided
and pulled into false beliefes
I won't allow fear to enter my soul
I choose to be understanding
and compassionate
To assume less
To see God's light in people
And honor it
To enjoy the diversity of life
To respect and cherish
those dear to my heart
To love them unconditionally
To help the souls I encounter
and appreciate their help
To forgive others
as I forgive myself
for my misdeeds
I acknowledge that I don't always
live by those words
and I forgive my self for it
I still have a lot of layers to remove
And a lot of learning to do

I am grateful
I am growing
I am happy
I love you

Thank you

((( ❤️ )))

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