"Cosmic Artist'' by Alex Grey


What exists

And what will be

The I is to decide

We are the trees

We are the seeds

The very core

Of peace

We are the paint

We are the hand

GOD's masterpiece

Called "Self"

We kill

And kiss

Towards the realm

Of crystal clarity and bliss

Life is...


And when we allow ourselves

To be amazed to our true capacity

Which is infinite and absolute

To feel and be

This pure unconditional love

And let it run through us

And heal our wounds and scars

Let it flow and manifest itself

In our thoughts, voice and deeds

And repair all which is broken

And find all who are lost

Then we'll all know

How to truly give and receive


To see beyond our human sight

And cherish the bliss 

Of being one with the whole

Eternal Spirit of Love

Knowing... Searching... Being...


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