I'm an Artist. I'm creating and experiencing Art in every aspect of my life. In my head or through my hands, I completely unleash my creative spirit and venture far and deep into my soul, mind and creation itself. I love not knowing what exactly I'm going to bring into existence. I love the processes of searching, reveling and learning involved into the act of creating. I'm enjoying the journey and the awe it fills me up with.

To bring stroke by stroke into the physical world, a unique manifestation of the truth I carry inside, is a beautiful journey for my soul.

I love writing, drawing, painting and handcrafting different items. And when I'm creating I'm very productive, I can even become consumed by it (to a point of headache and starvation). But I also have my periods of stillness, when I just sit back and enjoy other Artist's artworks and express my creativity in other ways.

One of those ways is "melting" together profound, beautiful and inspirational Art and Quotes into a unique fusion of my soul's truth. I'm grateful to all those Artists and Authors for their Inspiration, Insight and their Visionary work. I'm always trying to name the Artist/Author, but unfortunately that's not always possible. For the times I fail to do so – I beg your pardon.

Through unconsciousness, darkness and pain towards the bliss of Love...

It took me a long way to get to my center. It was the path that was separating me from this center; it was the path that led me to it... Some people never lose touch with their center and go through their lives smoothly – no confusion no struggle. But others... It takes for them to endure the most excruciating pain in order to experience the bliss of their own soul.

And it's so worth it...


What exists

And what will be

The I is to decide

We are the trees

We are the seeds

The very core

Of peace

We are the paint

We are the hand

GOD's masterpiece

Called "Self"

We kill

And kiss

Towards the realm

Of crystal clarity and bliss

Life is... Amazing...

And when we allow ourselves

To be amazed to our true capacity

Which is infinite and absolute

To feel and be

This pure unconditional love

And let it run through us

And heal our wounds and scars

Let it flow and manifest itself

In our thoughts, voice and deeds

And repair all which is broken

And find all who are lost

Then we'll all know

How to truly give and receive


To see beyond our human sight

And cherish the bliss 

Of being one with the whole

Eternal spirit of love

Knowing... Searching... Being...



Life is beautiful

And I am beautiful

I am grateful for the path

I've walked so far

I'm grateful for this moment

If I experience any difficulties

or have tough time today

I'll be strong and I'll handle things

with positive attitude

I will be fine

I won't allow the less aware

part of myself to bring me down

Instead I will rise it up

I am making the conscious decision

to be happy

To elevate my spirit

and be kind to myself

To go deeper into myself

and listen well

To seek better understanding

and strive to unfold and experience

the truth in everything

To be aware of sickness and evil

but let them not poison my soul

I won't allow to be misguided

and pulled into false beliefes

I won't allow fear to enter my soul

I choose to be understanding

and compassionate

To assume less

To see God's light in people

And honor it

To enjoy the diversity of life

To respect and cherish

those dear to my heart

To love them unconditionally

To help the souls I encounter

and appreciate their help

To forgive others

as I forgive myself

for my misdeeds

I acknowledge that I don't always

live by those words

and I forgive my self for it

~ Love ~

~ Gratitude ~

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